Qualcomm IPQ4019 based board with 2 miniPCIe support ( LTE USB 3.0 + 3rd WiFi Module)

ipq4019 board


IPQ4019 based board – WPJ419 has been UPDATED! With 2 miniPCIe slots available, WPJ419 now supports LTE USB 3.0 module and a 3rd WiFi radio. It’s the best fit for vendors who are looking for a product that’s capable of supporting Tri-Band concurrently, with 4G LTE as backhaul.


Qualcomm IPQ4019 Quad Core 700MHz  ARM based CPU

2×2 On-board MU-MIMO 2.4/5GHz concurrent WiFi, max 23dBm per chain

1x SIM slot

1x MicroSD card slot for expandable storage

2x MiniPCIe slot for 3rd WiFi radio and LTE (USB 3.0) support

Software QSDK available with Qualcomm Mesh and LTE ready

Ideal for Tri Band AP, WiFi + LTE Router and Gateway

More informations : http://www.524wifi.com/index.php/compex-wpj419-multi-function-ipq4019-embedded-board-710mhz-arm-cpu-2x-ge-port-dual-band-802-11ac-wave-2-lte-gateway.html