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Qualcomm Atheros reference design miniPCIe Wi-Fi modules with best parametrs, High Power and compatibility!Heavy load 802.11ac Wave2 MU-MIMO and 802.11n miniPCIe standard size modules! Improved shielding for best WIFI DATA RATES!EXPLORE how our QCA9880 WLE900VX 3X3 802.11AC module perform COMPARED WITH COMPETITOR! WLE900VX (CE Red)We offer Industry grade Wi-Fi 802.11ac/n miniPCIe modules with extended temperaure range up to +85C!

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CompexWRT supports 3rd Party LTE module !

Compex WPJ419 + 3rd parties LTE card photo
With latest CompexWRT firmware , we have officially announced USB 2.0 based LTE Module in miniPCIe / M.2 Form factor are now supported. Following are the example of LTE module that we have tested
-Sierra EM7455  (USB3.0) M.2 Module
-Huawei ME906s (USB2.0)  M.2 Module
-Huawei 909s-821 (USB2.0) MiniPCIe Module
-Quectel EC25-F (USB2.0) MiniPCIe Module

With this features enabled , we are able to run the LTE + WIFI features directly , following board are equiped with latest firmware
-WPQ865 , WPQ864


Introducing our latest System on Module (SoM), the Compex WSB419 “Wasabi”. Wasabi is based on the Qualcomm IPQ4019 System on Chip (SoC) and is equipped with a powerful 710MHz CPU.

It is a 802.11ac Wave 2 enabled System on Module, supporting 2×2 MIMO concurrent dual band operation with up to 1167 Mbps data rate and a transmit power of 23 dBm per chain.

Also with the memory configuration of 256MB (supporting up to 1 GB) DDR3 and 32MB NOR flash, it will surely meet your highest requirements.

Ideal applications include IoT gateways, routers, point-to-multipoint wireless bridge, or as transportation access points.

The WSB419 “Wasabi” can be easily surface mounted. It provides flexibility for customers to integrate this module with their own base boards, giving customers limitless possibilities in designing solutions for their own specific applications.

Product information & datasheet available at: